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Default Re: The Official ASM Sequel News/Speculation Thread

I really hope this film actually adds the elements of Spider-Man that made it a popular franchise in the first place. The problem with the first film is that it didn't actually feel like a Spider-Man film, it felt like something Sony cane up with to differentiate itself from the past trilogy. The "origin story" completely glossed over what ti meant for Peter to actually become Spider-Man, the overarching "parent's secret" storyline takes away from the main Spider-Man villains and is totally contradictory to the essence of Spider-Man's character, and it felt like the only thing the film really got right was Peter and Gwen's relationship. Hopefully, with the new beginning growing pains out of the way, Webb will create a Spider-Man film that actually feels like a Spider-Man film. More focus on Peter's inner thoughts and his struggles becoming a man and taking responsibility for his powers, more development and characterization for the main villain, and less of that ******** parents storyline that's really just a farce to the Spider-Man character. I fear though that this film will be just like the first because it seems like Webb is a teenage romance drama expert and doesn't have a good feel for the rest of Spider-Man's character.

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