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Default Re: Avengers Alliance

Originally Posted by zenith16 View Post
I have mag's now. I 'm still going through Havok's cause of those weapons like the radion pistol to rifle upgrade . seriously why didn't they do that with cyclops a pistol would be nice too. when they finally bring out his 90's costume they better be a update with having passives beside what the phoenix five version of him has. it's long overdue. that can be said for others as well. but he really needs them.
Lucky. I have 6 of 8 covers after opening 90 boxes now. I have the last Magneto task to do so I'll definitely try for that. I've gotten maybe 6 boxes from the deploy and roulettes thus far so am really getting hosed on them and on UIso drops. I'm almost disappointed now when I get CP on roulettes, instead of magnetic boxes or UIso.

On Havok, I'm on Task 24 since I need to do one run in Mission 2 and 3 to get it completed. Basically three more mission runs to get him. I plan on doing the epic bosses each time (to more easily 4-star them for Magneto task) so I need a minimum of 480 UIso, or nearly 10 days worth of collecting. Really need to hit a big UIso on the daily roulette.

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