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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters: Official Discussion - Part 7

Guys, I can't believe it haha, I got a mint Jim Gordon in package for $60 in a bid on eBay, felt bad paying that much since originally probably $20 with tax, but better than paying 100-250 like all the other listings, I now have all 7. Asked him to package it well, can't wait to receive it.

Originally Posted by Emgr55 View Post
Whats next collection wise for you guys since this about over except the TRU exclusive vehicles that i wish there was more info on.
Ive started my Dc unlimited line and i do expect to keep up with the Batman unlimited figures.
I think we should all post a little peak of our collection no matter how big or small they are we have all helped each other out so much and i like to see other peoples Batman MM collections my self so its just an idea.
I just got In my batman begins sdcc figure and my dark knight rises sdcc figure, love the lights and sounds. I'm waiting on a couple more things in the mail then plan on posting pics. Next for me is continue with DC unlimited and batman unlimited, seen wave 2 of batman unlimited is on amazon and eBay already, I have them preordered from a website waiting on them. Also preordered the 1:50 ELITE the bat, not sure the difference but I couldn't find first 1:50 bat or that entire hot wheels wave, so I went ahead and preordered this one.

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My order's coming in next week. Went to Toys R Us to buy Crysis 3 and Metal Gear Rising. Received a $40 gift card. Saw they had THREE Trilogy sets. I came back 6 hours later to buy one. (the stupid gift card doesn't activate until 6 hrs later).
Nice, yeah I got black ops 2 and a new NASCAR for cheap like that.

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