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Default Re: Is Batman justified when he refuses to kill? Do you wish he was more like Superma

Furthermore, Batman has many arguments to counter Superman's "I had no choice but to do it" statement. You've probably seen some of those same arguments on this site. How exactly did he have to kill Zod in that situation? There are plenty of other things he could have done. He could have flew with him. He could've covered his eyes. Pull his head back so that he fries the ceiling instead of the people. The list goes on.
It was shown pretty clearly that Superman was unable to do any of those things with reasonable force applied. And none of these arguments change the fact that Zod would have continued to attempt to kill people. At every turn. Presenting him with the same problem. Again and again and again.

And Batman's argument against killing has never been a logical one. It is an emotional issue for him, not one of logic.

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