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Default Re: Is Batman justified when he refuses to kill? Do you wish he was more like Superma

Originally Posted by Asgard View Post
Phantom Zone was closed presumably forever when that ship went down. There is no STAR Labs prison that could imprison a Kryptonian in MOS.

The thing is, none of these things were available to Superman at the time of Zod's attack on the populace. No super advanced prisons that can hold Kryptonians, no device that can strip away Kryptonian powers under a yellow sun, etc...

Superman literally had no choice but to kill Zod to stop him from murdering countless innocent people.

Well, Goyer has expressed that killing Zod would be Superman's catalyst to never kill again, so the next movie he writes will involve Superman actually having an opportunity to stop threats to humanity without having to kill.
Using logic to argue about this is pretty useless. It's clear from the film that Superman didn't want to kill Zod. It was made clear that it was immensely emotional and painful for him to do it.

That will never be good enough for these people. They'd rather have a shiny superhero that never has to face tough decisions. They complain that the writers forced Superman into this situation -- yes they did. Instead of giving him an easy out, they demanded that Superman sacrifice something in order to save humanity. I like that the writers dared to challenge Superman, to give him a difficult situation where there were no oh-so-convenient ways around having to actually make a tough choice.

Poor Superman can't win though, no matter what. He fights Zod, but he doesn't do it in the right way, apparently, because there's all kinds of destruction. He doesn't save enough people (although I'd be interested to see an actual number of people that would satisfy the masses), and when he DOES save people, he's criticized for saving "just those few". Then he finally has to put an end to the massive destruction, and then he gets crapped on because if he is forced to kill.

Feh. Fanboys. Can't ever be happy with anything.

Superman is awesome. Batman is awesome. And they're both complicated idiots who do things wrong, and who sometimes muck everything up. It doesn't make them bad; it makes them easier to connect with.

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