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Default Re: Is Batman justified when he refuses to kill? Do you wish he was more like Superma

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Trust me Marvel doesn't need Hugo to cash in on their Red Skull investment. He'll be back.

As for cap, I'm more referring to how the fans respond to a iconic colourful hero killing people at will. However you make a good point about how the characters react to doing such things. I do think however superman letting out an agonizing yell vs cap just reloading his gun speaks volumes on the matter.
I also think ending the movie on a sense of triumph and not him dwelling and reflecting on losses is very much in the superman tradition. No point in Snyder hedging the lawn any further

Either way, I'm glad they set the rule in such a way. It's def more in the show don't tell vain of things. Going forward anyways.

And batman killed talia as well.
That is true. It'd be shocking if he popped up in the next film.

They did have that nice moment where he pretty much explained that he wasn't planning on just killing Nazis. He just hated bullies. But, in the end he's still a soldier so his approach should be expected even though he's a noble guy.

At least they didn't have him doing the Superman flyby because that would've been really weird given the tone of the whole film.

Dude, Batman pretty much killed Talia like he killed Ra's. When that happened, I thought, "Nice one, Nolan."

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