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Default Re: Captain America Easter Eggs Thread *Spoilers*

Originally Posted by Rage View Post
Haven't watched IM2 in a while... but I thought the problem with the arc reactor was that the powersource was too powerful for the rest of the unit and eventually burnt through itself and that was causing the poisoning in Stark's system. Stark created Vibranium to case the arc in, so it would not be able to burn itself/and the system out... what he created was a way to contain the power... not the power source itself.
you are correct...also remember in the Marvel universe there are two types of Vibranium...Wakandan:which absorbs vibrations and Antartic:which gives off vibrations that liquify metals.

In the feature film Iron Man 2, Tony Stark synthesizes a new element to take the place of the palladium that powers his armor. Although unnamed in the film itself, the movie's novelization identifies the element as vibranium, so named by Stark because it shares characteristics with uranium and has similar transgenic properties to another fictional element named "vibernum". Its molecular structure is that of a triangular buckyball. During the movie, it is first shown using a polygon mesh of squares and then with a mesh that uses more than the 110 points (the number of points in a 'triangular buckyball').
Vibranium is named on-screen in the feature film Captain America: The First Avenger, and is shown to exist in the 1940s. Howard Stark states that vibranium is stronger than and a third of the weight of steel, is completely vibration-absorbent, and that the world's complete known supply of it went into what would become Captain America's shield.

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