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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by ken smith View Post
Exactly. What do you think was Superman's most significant show of strength that Hulk or Thor can't match?
Not I'm not talking about there Potential strength. I'm talking about what's been show as there feats in the cruent batch of Marvel movies. Thor has show that he potentially capable of doing what superman was doing in MOS in Thor 1 but just hasn't don't it yet. But Hulk had to be given a power upgraded in the Avenger because they all his display of power level as being to weak in The incredible Hulk. When i went to the The Incredible Hulk i was expecting what i saw in MOS this weekend.

What is the most indestructable thing in the avengers? Ironman's suit, Captain America's Shield, or Thor's Hammer? The correct answer is Hulk's Pants
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