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Default Re: The "What Will the Asylum Rip Off Next" Thread?

I started writing this one up and then realized that they already did their own horrible version.

Oh, well. there's always a chance for a futuristic sequel.

The Three Musketeers 3000

Directed by C. Thomas Howell

Set in 3027 A.D., this is the story of how a young street thug named Dart Tanyon joins forces with the "Three Musketeers," a trio of tough-as-nails cyborg soldiers that have rebelled against the corrupt, mob-controlled government that has enslaved the world.

Dart Tanyon: Jaz Martin
Athos 2.0: Scott Baio
RMS: Marc Dacascos
Porth-05: David Chokachi
Maddie de Summer: Cecily Fay
Sal Roachfort: Paul Logan
Richie Lou "The Cardinal" Calzone: Eric Roberts
Dookie Buckinghamioni: Griff Furst
Prime Minister Louis Eight: Gareth David Lloyd
Constance Bonaduce: Hennely Jimenez

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