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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by HighFivingMF View Post
Neither of those things happened.
I think that poster means that many of us were used to the classic Pa Kent who helped Clark to find his way of doing good. Costner's version, as well acted as i think it is, literally discouraged his son of doing so all he could. first, questioning the notion that saving people is more important and then dying so Clark wouldn't expose his powers, which most Smallville knew anyways.

I agree that exposing his powers would be dangerous for him and his loved ones, but that's why he starts saving people without showing his face (I'm talking about the Byrne version).

Plus, and what's most important. I can't remember how Pa Kent's death affected Clark. All we know is that he wanders towards north saving people and showing his face (although with a beard). I can't see what was the repercussion in Clark's life.

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