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Default Re: TMOS Review & Speculation Thread (Spoilers) - Part 4

Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
With a father that tells him it's ok to let a busload of kids die and being able to decide who lives and dies, seemingly without consequence. Yeah I saw the movie and yes I think that's cruel.
It wasn't though? I think it would be naive to say "Pa Kent told him not to use his powers purely because the world wasn't ready". I would assume the implication is that Clark and his wellbeing were so important to Pa Kent that he would rather Clark not save anyone and be spared the probable discrimination he would suffer if people discovered his gifts.

At no point did I think Pa Kent condoned the deaths of innocents, what he was saying was "If I was forced to choose between you saving them and being persecuted or them dying and you being safe, I'd rather you were safe".

That's what I got from it anyway, it might be a bit of an oversimplification to make it out like these things didn't affect Clark.

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