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Shauner, I definitely share some dislike for the ending due to being a Batman fan. However, my main issues with it come first and foremost with it as a sequel to BB/TDK. It just happens that a lot of those same reasons for why I don't think Nolan's Batman would quit are shared with comic book Batman. If there's anything I can highlight as the best thing about the Nolan films (at least the first two), it is the ideas and messages being told about Batman. Why he does what he does, what drives him, what he stands for and is a symbol of, why he doesn't kill or use guns, why he doesn't quit, what separates him from the police and other ordinary men despite having no powers himself, etc.

The very first things I took issues with based on the info released (prior to release) were all sequel-oriented. When I got out of theatres and started ranting, my first complaints were sequel-rooted.

Usually when I take issue with something in terms of taste, I don't spend too much time talking about it. Case in point: Burton's films. I never really cared for them much. I'm not fond of a lot of things he did. Heck, I probably dislike Batman Returns more than TDKR. However, you rarely ever see me bring up Burton's films or in their thread section. That's because most of my beefs with them are taste-oriented. They're just not my thing. I made that clear years ago and then moved on. I used to get in debates over them when I was younger, but later realized how stupid it was.

Another recent Batman example is BvS. I don't comment there anymore unless 1) major news come out or 2) the main speculation thread goes off-topic. I don't like what they're doing and it looks like they're being different just for the sake of being different. However, there's no point for me to be there if I'm just going to stir the pot. Another recent example is the Fantastic Four reboot. Don't really care for the direction, won't spend much time debating over it. I still comment in the FF section every now and then due to the topic being so fresh right now, but I'm nowhere near as involved as with things like TDKR.

One more thing. Regarding TDKR as solely a Batman film (meaning ignoring it as a sequel and stand-alone film), I don't think the ending is wrong. I don't think the interpretation as a whole is wrong. There really can't be a "wrong" interpretation. However, there are interpretations that are silly, poorly thought out, or less interesting and less complex than others. But that doesn't make them wrong at the end of the day.

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