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Default Re: The "Why So Serious? Gotham City Noir" RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

"Gotham City Noir" RPG Application

Eddie Brock Jr.

Gothamite you would like to portray: The Joker

Class of society: (Choose one) Rule Breaker

Resume: (Brief character biography) Little is known about the all. His modus operandi is prone to change at random, with one notable signature - all the victims are found with a smile carved into their faces. The Joker has been linked to over 3 dozen murders, as well as several armed robberies and acts of vandalism. The Joker runs with a gang of men that dress up as clowns.

Factoids of interest: (Special attributes - IE: Weapons, attire... anything needed to be known) The Joker wears special make-up on his face. His face is always painted white, with dark circles around his eyes and a big red smile extending from cheek to cheek. He is always seen in the colors purple or green - predominantly the former. His weapons are designed to be deadly versions of children's toys (IE: a joy buzzer that emits lethal voltage).

Known associates: (NPC's needed to be attached to your character) None except the members of his posse.

Three integral reasons behind choosing the character: 1. I've never played a character quite so unstable. 2. I believe that he is too often portrayed as a maniacal laughing dunce. I want to break that chain. 3. The Dark Knight hype, anyone?

Please provide a brief explaination behind your character's motivations (ex: What does he/she believe in? How does he/she connect with Gotham City? What grinds your character's gears?): The Joker is very antisocial and anarchist. He believes that sanity is a temporary state of mind. He has made it his goal in life to prove that anyone, no matter how strong-willed, can be broken and fall into he did. He is annoyed by idealists, yet still enjoys trying to break them.

File Headshot: (A picture if your character, if applicable)

Please provide a small sample post, in the format you plan to portray this identity, with three paragraphs at minimum:

The defense attorney makes his way to the stand. "Can you please state your name for the court?" he asks politely.

The defendant leans forward in his chair. He is a twisted man in appearance. His face is all white, and his eyes are outlined by a dark mascara-like substance. The most prominent feature on his face is a big, red smile that extends past his mouth and onto his cheeks. His hair is dyed a gruesome shade of green, and it is so untamed and mangled. With a bright smile on his face, revealing his yellowish teeth, he states, "Joseph."

The attorney looks at him in bewilderment. The man honestly didn't expect a response, so he repeats, "Joseph?"

The defendant nods, his smile not fading. "That's right. Joe. Last name - Kerr."

"Joe Kerr?" the attorney repeats to himself.

The defendant now erupts into laughter which echoes throughout the courtroom. "Get it?! Joe Kerr! Joker! HAHAHAHA!"

Both the defense attorney and the prosecutor look displeased. The judge leers at the crazed man at the stand. The defendant's antics clearly aren't amusing anyone - though they are helping the defense.

The prosecutor rises to his feet. "Your honor, couldn't we have removed the defendant's makeup before the proceedings began?"

"We tried,"
the defense attorney admits. "But it wouldn't come would only smear."

"Don't you LOVE it? It's my own personal concoction!"
the Joker states proudly. "I suppose you can say that I'm something of a chemist! HAHAHAHA!"

The prosecutor, looking even more displeased, takes his seat again. As things begin to settle once again, the defense attorney asks his client, "Are you aware that you have been linked to over three dozen murders in the past two months, as well as several robberies?"

The Joker nods gleefully. There's almost something childish about his mannerisms. He always appears to be on the edge of a fit of laughter.

"Do you accept responsibility for these crimes?"

The Joker nods again. His smile is expanding to new limits.

"Do you feel any remorse for those murders?"

The Joker pauses for a moment. His smile starts to weaken. "I can't say I do. Do you want to know what I DO regret?" he asks calmly.

The defense attorney merely nods. The judge and jury are listening intently.

"Not committing more! HAHAHAHA!"


"Mister Foreman, how does the jury find the defendant?" the judge asks after the jury deliberates.

The foreman stands up, reading aloud from his paper, "We find the defendant not guilty by reason of insanity."

"Mister Defendant, you have been found not guilty by reason of insanity. Due to the heinous nature of your crimes, and your apparent mental instability, I am sentencing you to life at Arkham Asylum for treatment of your psychological afflictions. Mister Foreman, and the other members of the jury, your duty with the city of Gotham is fulfilled. You are free to go."

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