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Default Re: The "Why So Serious? Gotham City Noir" RPG: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

"Gotham City Noir" RPG Application

Screenname: Catman_prb

Gothamite you would like to portray: Alberto Falcone

Class of society: (Choose one): Mafia Don

Resume: (Brief character biography): Alberto Falcone is very much the prodigal son of the Falcone family. His father refused to let him join the family business, wanting him to lead a normal life. Alberto succeeded in getting a degree in law from Oxford University in England. After returning to Gotham, he found the Falcone empire in ruins after the death of his father, and an internal war going on between his siblings Mario and Sofia. In Carmine Falcones will his father wished that he should take over one of the legitimate businesses of the Falcone empire, the Black Ace Bar. His degree in law has given him the position of the Falcone Consigliere.

Factoids of interest: (Special attributes - IE: Weapons, attire... anything needed to be known): Dresses in a smart suit, rumoured to carry a .22 pistol for protection. Has a square jaw, and is quite well built, having made full use of the Oxford Gym.

Known associates: (NPC's needed to be attached to your character): Mario Falcone, Sofia Falcone and Milos Grapa.

Three integral reasons behind choosing the character:
1. He's Michael Corleone but in Batman style.
2. A small bar can be a big place in a seedy town.
3. I've taken a character central in what could proove to be a Falcone power struggle.

Please provide a brief explaination behind your character's motivations (ex: What does he/she believe in? How does he/she connect with Gotham City? What grinds your character's gears?): Alberto is resentful that his father would not let him in the family business, and constantly wishes to proove himself to his family, and the Gotham Underworld in general. His degree in law is largely ironic.

File Headshot: (A picture if your character, if applicable)
None on record
Please provide a small sample post, in the format you plan to portray this identity, with three paragraphs at minimum:

Alberto sat in the hallway of the great mansion, anxiously biting one of his thumbnails. Finally a great oak door opened, and around a dozen people came out, most looking disgruntled. Alberto stood up when he saw his brother Mario, burshing past his sister Sofia, who was walking slowly across the carpet. He walked towards her, though she did not look at him.

"Well, what did it say? Who gets charge of the business?" Alberto asked eaqerly. There was no hope that he would be put in control, but he needed to know who his father had trusted with his great empire. Each sibling would mean vastly different directions. Sofia kept on walking, not looking at him. Alberto grabbed her arm.

"Who?" he asked, slightly angry, and resentful that he had not been allowed in to see the will being read. Sofia looked at him, her eyes blazing.

"No one. The old bastard left us to fight over it," she growled. Alberto was shocked.

"What? He didn't say anything?"

"Oh there was one thing," she said quietly.

"What?" Alberto said, hopefull that he may be able to gain something out of this mess.

"Papa said that you get the bar," she said, almost smiling, as she planted some keys in Alberto's hand, and walked away, leaving her brother staring at the small piece of metal.

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