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Default Re: Discussion: Voting ID and Voting Rights

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
Who, the precinct? I've worked precincts before....we've never had that...we had a list of those that were registered voters and their addresses, we had the entire list so that we could tell people the correct place for them to vote if they came to us by mistake....

But, hey that would be a huge difference....but they would have had to had their picture taken at some point....and that seems to be one of the problems of some, getting to the place to get their picture made.

But, still Dnno you cannot disagree that people, NEED TO CARRY ID.....of some sort....
Yes, at the precinct. The state DMV should have the person's picture on record so, if need be they could verify that without having to require a voter to produce one. I am not saying that all states do that or that there are states that do that, but they do have that potential. Carrying photo ID is a nice and smart thing to do, but it shouldn't be mandatory in all cases (I think the 5th Amendment protects that). In most states that have voter ID laws, you don't have to produce a picture ID to be identified as a voter.

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