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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

The choices are really just between Rachel and Selina. Unfortunately, in the Nolanverse, Tatelia can't even be an option since everything was just an act.

Rachel is Bruce's one big love in the Nolanverse (or at least that was the intent even though we didn't really feel it) but I'm going with Selina on this this one. I think she understood Bruce more than Rachel because she's as broken as he was.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Honestly, if Nolan's Bruce has a "One true love", its definitely Rachel. Its just that she's a terribly written character.

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

Agreed. I just wish we had more of those moments. Every scene with Selina was a joy. Anne was wonderful in her scenes with Christian. I just wish there had been more of them.
Most definitely. I like what we're given but I wish there was more.

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I think Rachel understood Bruce a lot better than some of these shippers would like you to think.

Hell, from what was shown onscreen, Rachel seemed to understand Bruce better than Selina.
A case can be made for BB Rachel but TDK Rachel doesn't IMO. I hate TDK Rachel.

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