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Default Re: The Official Flash Thread - Part 2

Originally Posted by Edguy View Post
You think the film would have been any better if Clooney was running around with a 12 year old?
Um... yes. It would have been self aware amongst other things. But more to the point, Forever would have been a much better film developing a young Dick Grayson, debuting Robin at the end of the film building anticipation for 'Batman and Robin' a few years later where Robin is a supporting hero that we've seen grow up, and are thus more invested in.

There's some things that need to be dropped to make a good story, Robin not being an adult is not one of them. Same with Wally. This is simply because investing in a child supporting character in one movie makes it easy to accept a teenage sidekick in a second film and all the good things that come along with the idea of a teenage sidekick.

On the other hand, making an adult sidekick creates a character that has little use in the story, but still comes with all the bad things about having a sidekick, especially the Main Character-lite problem with the lack of age difference.

Having a young adult as a newbie only contrasts well if the main character is graying, basically. Compare Indiana Jones and Short Round vs Indiana Jones and Shia Lebouf's character. A kid sidekick should start out like the kid from Road to Perdition or even the sidekick girl from Book of Eli, come into their own by the end of the film and then the next film, they'll be three years older, and presumably have had a lot of training, and will both make sense as someone who goes into action AND add a lot of unique storytelling to the story.

Edit: Wow, that was a rant! But that's my opinion, nonetheless.

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