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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - - -

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I disagree. I'll repeat what I said earlier, if I didn't follow the MCU, and didn't know the Villains, I would see that part of the trailer, rewind it, and pause, look at him and say, son of a *****, that's Kurse.

But we don't know if Thor was even referring to Thanos.

Why would Malekith talk about Thanos? The immediate threat is Malekith, possibly Thanos is the one pulling his strings. How would Heimdal, and Thor know this enemy is Thanos? I think Malekith's plans are to release Surtur, and he probably makes that clear. This enemy, Surtur, the one who is going to bring back the darkness, or whatever, would be THE threat.

It's gotta be Odin, knowing about Surtur. There is no reason for Heimdal and Thor to be talking about Thanos. Unless he shows up in the movie. Which I doubt he will, this movie probably won't be Thanos heavy.
As my earlier post said. The Other attacks Midgard to retrieve the scepter from Selvig?┬┤Heimdall sees this and tells Thor, he then goes there and is effected by mindgem -> the extremely blue eyes he has (as Loki had in the Avengers) when he grabs Jane.

So he tells Odin about this and Odin fears the worse. He explains to us that before the universe there was darkness, and it has survived. That darkness is the entity that was turned into the infinity gems and Thanos is comming for the last of them in Odin┬┤s vault.

Something like that

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