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Default Re: The Official Captain America: The First Avenger Review Thread! - Part 1

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
Speaking of the Starks...I've been thinking.

How friggin old was Tony's Dad when Tony was born? Stark looked...maybe 21 at the youngest (and that's pushing it. I figured him to be at least 25). Tony's 45 at the most. If Cap went down at the end of the war...Stark Sr. must have still been at least around 50 when Tony was born.

Sounds to me like baby Tony was an "oops" baby.
I got the sense that Howard Stark was pretty much a wunderkind, like Tony, and flew right through school like his son later would. He had a real carefree, playboy vibe about him in TFA, which leads me to believe he was a twentysomething. I'm going to guess maybe 25 at the most. Do we know anything about Howard Stark's father? Maybe the Starks were already rich, so Howard didn't have to worry about building a fortune--he already had one, he just multiplied it by a huge number.

Anyway, if he's, say, 25 at the end of TFA, and Tony is around 40 in IM1/IM2 (my own supposition), that means Tony would have been born in or around 1968, which would have made Howard around 48 by the time Tony was born. That's not outside the realm of possibility; Howard certainly sounds like the type who would have been completely focused on his inventions and his business, and probably hadn't planned on having any children. Much like Tony, actually: at the age of 40 he was still single and childless, and in IM1 he didn't seem too interested in doing anything to change that.

Howard also appeared to be in his early-to-mid 50s during the first Stark Expo in 1974, so maybe Howard was born in 1920.

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