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Default Re: Small Plot Hole in TDKR?

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Batman told Selina that the Bat had no Auto pilot (as far as I can remember, I've seen the movie only two times.)

Here is what the Official novelization says -

Batman: "Two minutes, I can fly it out over the bay."

Catwoman:"Rig it to fly over the water, then bail..."

he shook his head.

Batman: "No autopilot."
Batman: I can get it out over the bay.
Batman: Set it to fly over the water, then eject?
Batman: No autopilot.

To me it sounds as if he was not entirely sure that autopilot would work, so he wanted to fly the Bat himself (to get rid of the nuke), but then he was not sure that he would survive the blast, so he lied about the whole autopilot thing, just so that Selina should not have a false hope of seeing him again.
He flew The Bat out himself because he wanted everyone to think he was dead (for what reason Bruce Wayne had to die, too, I have no idea. It's not as though the whole city knew his secret identity) and all he did was put those he loved through needless pain.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
he doesn't tell Selina because he's about to try to get rid of a nuke and he's not sure he actually will make it out of the blast radius or if the autopilot will fail, etc. He's not about to give her the same false hope that kept him crippled emotionally until Alfred told him the truth haunt Selina.
That's not a false hope. Telling her it has autopilot is not a lie. Being unsure it can work is not a lie either. How is this any worse than letting her think he's going to die when there's every chance he can survive?

Hope is only false if it's based on a lie.

And also for the obvious crippling of the dramatic effect. If you talk about the autopilot, it puts the seeds of doubt in the entire audiences mind, thereby losing any emotional impact.
That's the only reason why it wasn't mentioned. None of this flowery false hope stuff to Selina. It was so the impact of his return would not be diminished by mentioning The Bat has autopilot.

Also, to the claims that he didn't have time, I mean come on, it's editing, we have no idea when exactly he left, when he engaged the autopilot, when he has that final moment of acceptance, etc.
The timer on the bomb couple with the facial expression of him sitting in the bat just before it went off tells you exactly what the timing was.

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