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Default Re: Small Plot Hole in TDKR?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post

That's not a false hope. Telling her it has autopilot is not a lie. Being unsure it can work is not a lie either. How is this any worse than letting her think he's going to die when there's every chance he can survive?

Hope is only false if it's based on a lie.
Every chance? The chances are small at best. Also, this was extremely time sensitive, not a time to linger in this emotional moment longer than it has to.
That's the only reason why it wasn't mentioned. None of this flowery false hope stuff to Selina. It was so the impact of his return would not be diminished by mentioning The Bat has autopilot.
They are both completely viable reasons.

The timer on the bomb couple with the facial expression of him sitting in the bat just before it went off tells you exactly what the timing was.
Not necessarily, it could just be dual editing using his reaction as one sequence and the timer as another to build the tension of the timer counting down. In fact given that it's impossible for him to have survived otherwise, I think this is probably what Nolan did, and it's only apparent upon the second viewing. Excellent misdirection with editing.

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