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Default Re: The Official Nintendo Switch Thread - Part 2

I have 3 games on the switch in Zelda, Mario and splatoon 2. I think I am the only person who grew up in the 90's that never like Pokémon at all. Metroid prime I never cared for either and I would say out side of those 2 games we don't really know that many exclusives for the switch yet. Dieing for a new DK game my 2nd favorite Nintendo franchise behind only Zelda. At the same time its not a big deal has BOTW is like a 200+ hour game with out even factoring in the DLC and I still have a lot to do in the game and my backlot of video games is crazy long and I don't have a lot of free time for video games any more like I used to. But yeah right now I know of zero games on the switch that I want to get going forward. Switch is only for excusives has other games I will just by on ps4 if I want them has they are likely to look and play better on ps4 then switch and right now switch excusives are a question mark for me going forward.

Top CBM off all time
1.Dark knight rises 2.Spider man 2 3.Batman begins 4.Dark knight 5.Cap Civil war 6.Logan 7.Spider-Man homecoming 8.Cap winter soilder 9.Amazing Spider-Man 2 10.Doctor strange 11.Xmen DOFP.12.Xmen FC. 13.Spiderman 14.WW 15. Avengers AOU 16. Avengers 17.Amazing Spider-Man 18.Iron man 3 19.Man of steel 20.Spider-Man 3

Need to rewatch about 5 to have a final list.
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