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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
If you're not getting paid for it, it's no longer your "job". The cops, including Blake in that scene, are standing up because they want to. It has nothing to do with their work or career anymore. Blake has the same spirit that Bruce had minus the training. Because of his short, but impactful moments that he shared with Bruce...he becomes the man to get that mantle.
Secret Op's guy: "Men who haven't seen daylight in three months?"
Blake: "Police Officers who haven't seen daylight in three months"

Why do you think Blake emphasized they were Cops? Because they were needed for their duty to help save the city.

They were still Cops doing their job. Just because their official pay packet was cut off along with the rest of the world doesn't mean they gave up their duty in Gotham.

It's not about how long he knew him, it's about the feeling you get from a person and their stories.
Felt it in his bones and stuff did he?

He saw that Blake was a pretty damn straightforward guy. We see that throughout the movie even with his scenes involving Gordon. He wears his heart on his sleeve and Bruce can see the intention.
He saw nothing other than a Cop who miraculously recognized him based on a look on his face, and shared a similar emotional pain to him. That doesn't make someone Batman material. Even if you think it does, then you make sure you're right by testing them first to make sure they're up to the job, like he did with Dent.

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