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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by tincan View Post
Who was the guy on the plane that they took blood from, and why did they put blood into Dr. Pavel? Then there was another guy that asked Bane something about the fire rising. What was the deal with that guy?

Also did Bane ever do anything for fun in his spare time? He had a lot of time to kill in the sewers and doing stuff with the League of Shadows. And that mask, did he ever take it off and wash it and his face? Because that would suck if he didn't. Yes I know the mask holds his pain at bay, but he also would need to wash his face and the mask every two weeks as well as shave.
LMAO now i know you're trolling. Good job at that, but it was a waste of time. And incase ur not trolling....i dont think you understand the concept of writing a script and having to film and edit the material for a movie. LOL!

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