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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Oh milost, this place will never die as long as we have a few instigators stirring the pot

Anyways, this board really isn't that dead. Yeah, volume of posters has decreased big time but you can still refresh the page roughly every few minutes and there's some new replies in threads. Even the Avengers SEQUELS boards can sometimes go days without posts.

And besides, the people that are left are pretty cool for the most part. That's what Anno was getting at.

Yeah, of course.

But that's not my point (which I'm sure you've got to see). We're comparing a section that was created for a 2012 movie that has since come and go (theatrical release, bluray/dvd, etc.) to a section that's been created for a 2014 movie that is being built up. Everyone has seen TDKR, there's no more speculation. Most arguments (going back to civility) are born out of speculation. Of course "the TDKR boards are more civil than the new Spider-Man film", TDKR is "old".

Remember all those influential, interested members that would post in here? Remember all the "scoops" and info? That's all gone. Now we just focus on the aftermath. Nothing wrong with it, but that's just how it is. ASM2 still has a lot more posts and discussion before it's members are "civil" or non-existent.

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