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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Like I said - he's never been KNOWN to be a sidekick by the audience. If he was in a tale or two, fine. But not really known for it.
That miniseries has Bruce Wayne as a sidekick to Barbara Gordon more than Stephanie had been to Bruce Wayne.

Also, Batman/Thomas wasn't a sidekick in Flashpoint. He was a supporting character, there is a difference. You don't seem to get that.
He played second fiddle to Flash and followed his orders because Flash was the only person who could save the day, he fulfilled the sidekick role.

I've been a comicbook reader for years just not your typical one cuz usually I'm disgusted by most comic fans. I was actually one of the few people supporting the New 52 movement when it was announced. Turned out to be ok in the end.
What does the New 52 have to do with Smallville?

Smallville is as much for non-comic readers as for comic fans. I've heard from many people who read the comic and have only watched the show before, and they didn't know who Nightwing was in the first place let alone Red Hood, Tim Drake or Damian.
Smallville: The Comic Book is not appealing to the mass audience though. Not like the TV show did. It's biggest success will undoubtedly be from the market already established and the market this story exists in.

There's no "the" iconic sidekick in Smallville or if there is or was, we're yet to find out about it.
The reason that Dick Grayson's Robin is the iconic sidekick is because he is a pop culture icon. Smallville doesn't account into that, it is a very small portion of the genre, not the entirety of it, the show didn't exactly have a huge effect, but that's normal now, Heath Ledger's Joker is not the norm.

There is a reason Miller chose Stephanie beside the fact that he seems to have a personal connection to the character.
The only reason he gave is because she has a bright personality. If only a character already existed like that, and had a codename like Nightwing.

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