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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Ok guys, I made these two versions some weeks ago, of how Fox could continue their properties, with two possible scenarios for the x-men casts in particular.

I have to mention first some points:

- I used a three years gap for the F4 franchise, like Fox did with original x-men trilogy.

- Personally, I think there will be one year where Fox wont release a comic book movie, since I think it would too much of a perfect world to have a team movie each year, even if its F4 or x-men, so I took that into account on my lists.

- At the same time, I think Fox will break the three years gap between x-men team movies sooner or later, specially if they use the two casts during next years, so this could create a situation where on one year we have a x-men team movie And a F4 sequel. This could be one unique exception, of course. We dont know when this could happen, but I think the possibility exits. so who knows.

- I didnt include any spin-off, because I think they could come a bit later, and since they havent given Deadpool the greenlight since 2009, I think Fox isnt confident about spin-offs yet, even if Marvel has done it, but they have with characters like Ironman, Thor and Cap, so its a different case I think. So I focused on team movies, and even if I say "end of saga" (x-men) on both options, just take it as a final movie with that cast, not the real end of this franchise, since they can keep moving with new teams and spinoff, as we have already discussed.

So, these are my two possible scenarios:

Option 1:

2014: X-MEN: Days of future past
2015: Fantastic four reborn
2016: X-Men: First Class 3 (end of trilogy with new cast)
2017: year of rest (no comic adaptacion from Fox) or new x-men spin-off
2018: Fantastic four 2
X-men: Age of Apocalypsis I (X4)
2019: X-men: Age of Apocalypsis II (X5. End of x-men saga with original cast)
2020: ?
2021: Fantastic four 3
2022: x-men spinoff

Option 2:

2014: X-MEN: Days of future past
2015: Fantastic Four
2016: X-Men: Age of Apocalypsis I
2017: X-Men: Age of Apocalypsis II (last movie with original cast)
2018: Fantastic Four 2
2019: X-Men: First Class 3
2020: year of rest (no comic adaptacion from Fox) or new x-men spin-off
2021: Fantastic four 3
2022: X-men: First Class 4 (end of saga with new cast, set in the 80's)

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