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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Sorry to say, I wont be censoring myself like that for anybody. I type what I want!!! If people read it and want to chat with me about it, great, if not, their loss. *shrugs*

any more thoughts on that Jaimie quote I posted in the other thread? specifically, "You really get to see how much love she has for her fellow Asgardians because she puts her life on the line and risks a lot to save a few Asgardians."

with that quote in mind, I feel like Sif should rule Asgard. (without Thor )

See, now it's a thread for everyone, it's a public forum, and sometimes compramises may have to be made to keep all members happy.
I know what you mean, and I respect that but you gotta try to think of it from other's perspectives Elizah, and not just do something cause you have the right to do so, its a public thread. I think some people feel that this thread has ventured away fromm a thread to discuss things regarding the subjected, and has more so turned into a conversation between two people. Regardless if someone makes a comment regarding an idea, if someone ignores the super long posts and tries to create something else to talk about, it will venture back into what it has been because it's happened before, that's what interests you at the moment, which is understandable. However, when that happens, you need to see that when you post about all of this stuff as you want to, and are entitled to, you only have one, and maybe two people who are fully able to read everything, and talk about what you are talking about. Others probably can't keep up, and feel that it's a moot point to bring something up, because it will stray back into what it's been anyway, which to me is what's going on here, and that some people aren't happy with it. I feel that some people seem to think that it isn't thread for discussion, as much as it is Elizah's and AM's personal discussion. Most likely, some people are fustrated by it.

Now, again, in my opinion, you say you can write what you want to, and that is totally acceptable, however, this isn't YOUR thread. You know what I mean,? I know you do, you made it, but it is still everyone's thread to discuss the subject, and if a lot of posters feel that there is a problem with how it is going, that should be respected, instead of deciding the right to say what you want, and calling it know what I mean? It should be for everyone to feel comfortable to talk in, that's what you made it for, it wasn't made for a back and forth discussion between two people, which I, you KNOW isn't the case, HOWEVER based on the pase of the thread, that's the appearance it seems to be taking from someone not involved in your way of speculating, and there lies the problem. That the thought that your back and forth speculation is too much and that it is taking away other people's descisions to add input. I know you are open to other conversation, and have said so, and you respect that, but it seems to be at the point where mostly people don't even bother anyway, because it would appear to be moot. t I think that is what may be fustrating to him, and others who may not have chosen to say so, A lot of people can't keep up, and when an attempt to steer it in a different direction has been made, because of that, it will probably stray back into how it was, which is what some people may be thinking

Now I'm not telling you to ease up with the depth, cause you are entitled to do what you want, and it is certainly interesting and fun to you, however, if you choose to continue to do it that way, chances are it will continue to aggrivate some of the posters who have been here a while, because the topic of this open thread is something way too obscure for the majority of posters to follow, and it probably aggrivates them, resulting in comments in saying that you are a plant, same person, troll..etc...everyone should be happy

personally, I think it's very interesting, regarding your speculation, it keeps us occupied, I don't agree with all of it, and I do think it is a bit too much, you know I feel that way, but I make of it what I can and comment what I can, and the enthusiasm is fun, however, where it is at the point where other posters seem to possibly be getting fustrated by what appears to be going on, then it may be time for a compramise, ya know?. You can do what you want, I won't judge, and I will continue to post, and talk about and get in what I can, but this IS a public forum, and the the priority should be the content and the well being of EVERYONE's opinions. Atleast that's how I would moderate a thread. as a whole for everybody. to have the community and posters as a whole, all content with the discussion and be happy, even if it means a compramise to get us there. Based on how things are going, and how some people seem to be reacting, I think that the best way to make everyone happy, and to avoid future issues would be a fair compramise. and that's my opinion on the matter. I think the enthusiasm is great, however sometimes it's a bit too much for me to follow, and I do think this thread would thrive a bit more if more people felt that they could come in and discuss things without feeling like it will venture back into something they can't discuss. I'll continue doing what I've been doing, it works for me, it works for you, and I am having fun either way, I can't speak for others, but I have always been good at analyzing intention and words and comments and figuring out thoughts, and that's what I believe is going on, regarding a lot of other posters, especially ones who have been here for a long time. Now, please don't think I am telling you to change, I am neutral. There is only one poster here who pisses me off, and he is not ever in the thor forum. I am just telling it as I see it, from the POV of someone who isn't on either side of the disagreement. Whatever you chose to do,, either way is fine by me personally, cause I can still talk about what I want to, and can, but personally, Elizah, I think a bit of compramise on your part overall would do this thread some good. But it's your descision, and either way, it doesn't matter to me .

Anyway, back on topic. Something new to discuss

I personally believe that we may get to see some of thor's rogue gallery, as sort of a show off. Some characters that probably won't have a big future, but just some characters to show that they DO exist in the MCU, and they may have had some big moments in the past, such as Ymir, personally, that's what I think they are doing with Hela. I DO think Malekith will be Killed by Kurse in this movie.

I also think that we will first hear about the prophecie of Ragnorok.

ALSO, another thing I was thinking of, was that a part of the prophecy (idk how to spell that) my be fufilled. Chances are, it will be different from the comics, for example, we could hear Odin talk about the prophecy, and it starts with a Tyrant falling at the hands of his own, yada dada...leads to surtur completely twilight, and burning the nine realms.

Kurse kills malekith. Odin is aware that Kurse was once one of Malekith's, so it occurs to him that a part of the prophecie has been fulfilled. This is just an example of what I mean, in terms of the prophecie and ragnarok. I don't think it will happen that way at all, that's just to give a view on how I am thinking.

However I do think ragnarok will be discussed and mentioned multiple times in this movie. Especially since this movie seems to have a sort of...well, ritual tone to it

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