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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
I keep getting more and more discouraged over this movie. If we don't get more casting news soon, it's going to squander the good will First Class made. Apparently none of the cast really knows what's going on, and haven't been contacted. To not have Rose Byrne or January Jones contacted yet isn't a good sign, Famke is waiting but no word, and Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen don't know what's going on. Oh but rest assured, the most over exposed actor of the franchise has been consulted...

"You're not seeing the big picture, here!"

Quick way to curb actors from fibbing about a secretive role in a franchise production: Don't tell them very much.

Also, script's being completely rewritten by Singer/Kinberg (not so odd these days, but in this particular case, very interesting).

I said a while ago that it was very likely Rose Byrne (love her) and Jones will not be a part of this film, whether because Singer wants to work with different actors, or that their characters are not part of a story he wants to tell. [Don't be surprised if sometime in the future you see Alice Eve return to the role she was briefly attached to before Jones was hired]

I assure you that Sirs Stewart and McKellen know quite well what is going on, they just ...aren't talking about it. It's quite a while until Summer 2014, they want to preserve something...

Singer is back at the helm, Rothman is not, and Singer is presumably making his own choices (although I do have a sneaking suspicion that the basic plot/timing for this film was determined Fox...).

First Class didn't earn that much "good will." And Jackman's Wolverine remains a strong drawing point for the franchise, like it or not; it would be pretty blockheaded not to integrate him into this kind of story melding past and present time periods and characters.

This is indeed a different ball game. You should recognize that by now.

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