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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
His point is what is important and what you should address.
I already did, but will address it further.

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
You're really not going to lose anything in terms of significance if you were to take advantage of what's already been established and merge the post-TDKR TDKT universe with MoS to create the first two pillars of a shared cinematic DCU even if Bruce Wayne isn't in the Batsuit.
Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
Even without Bruce Wayne in the suit, Nolan's universe still remains viable storytelling ground. Whether or not 'fanboys' like the idea, Bruce passed the mantle of Batman on, and Nolan left things open-ended enough that his universe can still be utilized with or without him and with or without his Bruce Wayne.
Christopher Nolan's ending to TDKR established that the 'symbol' of Batman was much more important than the 'man behind the mask', and clearly set up John Blake to become the next physical embodiment of that idea by having Bruce pass on the physical mantle of Batman - and all its accompanying trappings - to him. This means that Blake will at some point take up the duty of protecting Gotham from any and all threats just as Bruce would had he not chosen to 'pass the torch' and move on to a normal life with Selina.

In addition to the film's ending establishing that Blake will at some point allow the citizens of Gotham to see that the Batman has returned, there is also the lingering issue of what happened to The Joker; in spite of Christopher Nolan feeling that it would be disrespectful to Heath Ledger's memory to recast the role, the character's fate remains unresolved from an in-universe story standpoint and is someone who could conceivably rear his head once again to challenge John Blake in his guise as the new physical embodiment of the 'symbol' of Batman.

The fact that Nolan's Batman endures as a symbol regardless of who physically wears the suit, cape, and cowl, coupled with the lingering issue of The Joker's in-universe fate and the similar tone and 'look' of MoS and the TDKT is what I was referring to and meant when I said that the TDKT universe remains viable and could be very easily merged with MoS.

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