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Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
The reason fans can't help but wonder about merging the Nolanverse with the Snyderverse is simple: the Snyderverse seems like it's compatible with the Nolanverse. Everything points to the MOS franchise being Superman's answer to The Dark Knight Trilogy. And on top of that, people don't tend to be too keen to see something rebooted when the previous version wasn't too long ago (eg. The Amazing Spider-Man).

I wouldn't want to see a JL/WF movie starring Blake, but I can understand why some fans aren't opposed to imagining scenarios that invite Bruce/Bale to return to the role to star alongside Cavill. As far as we know this has no chance of happening so it's a moot point, but I do get it.

The other semi-troubling thing about all this is that the rebooted Batman will almost have to conform to illusionary realism if it is to take place in the same universe as Man of Steel. Yes, MoS is heavy on the Sci-Fi, but both Goyer and Snyder have repeatedly emphasized that it's meant to take place in a recognizable real world to create the effect of "what would happen if the world discovered there was a superpowered alien among them?". The existence of aliens doesn't really do much to create a more fantasy-based Batman solo world because he doesn't have aliens in his rogues gallery. Theoretically a big advantage to rebooting Batman would be to put him in more of a comic booky setting like so many fans want, yet Goyer and Snyder have said that Man of Steel is not trying to be comic booky. It's a bit of a conundrum because there's the possibility of a reboot that is too similar to Nolan's on one hand, and one that violates the tone and base-level Earth "realism" established in MoS on the other.

With all the creative talent currently at WB's fingertips, I'm sure they will find the solutions in due time, but these are things to think about.
That is different. I can understand that to a degree as well. What I cannot understand is why anyone would want Blake in WF/JL as opposed to Bruce.

I think the difference between TDKT and MOS is the following: TDKT was set in real world and only certain elements from comic book mythos could happen. MOS will be set in the real world but with all elements from comic book mythos being possible. Yes, they did say MOS will be "realistic" and "grounded" but we have to keep in mind how subjective those definitions are. Those things mean entirely different things when you vary from franchise to franchise. From what we've seen of MOS, it doesn't look as grounded as TDKT was. What MOS looks and feels like to me is a perfect amalgamation of all the types of comic book movies we've got so far. It seems to have the complexity, maturity, and grounded approach of TDKT combined with the heart of Donner's Superman & Favreau's Iron Man combined with the fun bright over-the-top action of The Avengers. Obviously this means there are some TDKT influences there, but it isn't just TDKT that we find in there (at least it doesn't appear as just TDKT) and I would do a Batman reboot the same way.

I also wouldn't mind it if the Batman reboot builds off the success of TDKT. What I mean by that is that they could still keep the tone and feel of the world but with a different costume, more comic booky looking gadgets/vehicles/villains, no origin, and a more detective Batman. As I said before, the "heart" of the Nolan Batman films will still be alive in the DC Cinematic Universe even if they don't end up being set in the universe (see the second link in my signature for a more detailed explanation of this).

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