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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
That is different. I can understand that to a degree as well. What I cannot understand is why anyone would want Blake in WF/JL as opposed to Bruce.

I think the difference between TDKT and MOS is the following: TDKT was set in real world and only certain elements from comic book mythos could happen. MOS will be set in the real world but with all elements from comic book mythos being possible. Yes, they did say MOS will be "realistic" and "grounded" but we have to keep in mind how subjective those definitions are. Those things mean entirely different things when you vary from franchise to franchise. From what we've seen of MOS, it doesn't look as grounded as TDKT was. What MOS looks and feels like to me is a perfect amalgamation of all the types of comic book movies we've got so far. It seems to have the complexity, maturity, and grounded approach of TDKT combined with the heart of Donner's Superman & Favreau's Iron Man combined with the fun bright over-the-top action of The Avengers. Obviously this means there are some TDKT influences there, but it isn't just TDKT that we find in there (at least it doesn't appear as just TDKT) and I would do a Batman reboot the same way.

I also wouldn't mind it if the Batman reboot builds off the success of TDKT. What I mean by that is that they could still keep the tone and feel of the world but with a different costume, more comic booky looking gadgets/vehicles/villains, no origin, and a more detective Batman. As I said before, the "heart" of the Nolan Batman films will still be alive in the DC Cinematic Universe even if they don't end up being set in the universe (see the second link in my signature for a more detailed explanation of this).
I think what you've described has a good chance of happening and probably makes the most sense. I also think some fans who are wanting/expecting the reboot to take a complete 180 turn away from Nolan's style should be prepared for that possibility.

Whether you want to call it realism, verisimilitude or w/e, both Nolan's Batman and Snyder's Superman seem to have a certain amount of gravitas to them because of the illusion that they are inhabiting a world that we recognize as our own. This goes a long way in evoking a serious tone. So one way or another it would seem the Batman reboot will have to conform to that model in order to figure into a larger DCU.

As much as a DCU/JL/WF gets talked about though, with all the balls in the air it's still hard for me to imagine it actually happening. I'm glad Snyder seems to be in favor of doing Superman sequels before getting to that. I'd rather wait 5-6 years for something potentially monumental than get something rushed that potentially interferes with the MoS franchise.

The cool thing with Batman is that technology is always advancing and things that were science fiction start becoming science fact or at least easier to imagine. I think time is everyone's friend here for many reasons.

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