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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I'm not stuck in the mindset that there's only one way to tell the story. I'm stuck in the mindset that the JL movie should not be half-assed.
Using JGL isn't 'half-assed'.

There are infinite number of ways you can do JL and millions of ways you can do it right but there is one basic thing that must not change: Bruce Wayne has to be Batman. Not having that is not being creative/original and having that there is not testing the water or putting source material before a good story on film or anything like that. It is simply honoring the essence of Batman. There are certain limits to how much you can deviate when doing an adaptation, limits that even Elseworld stories often can't cross. Like I said before, this is the most hyped moment in comic book film history. The moment Batman and Superman meet on the big screen. The vast majority of people have awaited this moment for decades. To not have Bruce Wayne as Batman in the movie would be one giant middle finger to the vast majority of people regardless of how good or bad the movie is overall.
Drop both the hyperbole and the superior attitude, please.

Also, saying that the only 'right' way to do a JLA movie is to have Bruce Wayne in the Batsuit is the very definition of 'being stuck in the mindset that there's only one way to tell a given story'.

I never said I have the right to go around dictating what a Batman fan should or shouldn't like nor did I say that those who want to see Blake as Batman in JL as less of a fan than I am. What I said is that I cannot understand why they would be ok with it. There are many groups of people that I disagree with but for a lot of them, I can at least put myself in their shoes and get some sort of understanding as to why they would feel the way they do about something. I can't do that with John Blake no matter how hard I try.
By saying that you can't understand why anyone would be okay with a non-Bruce Wayne Batman in a JL movie, you're implicitly inferring that even entertaining the idea makes someone less of a Batman fan than you.

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