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Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
Using JGL isn't 'half-assed'.
I disagree. It would be a lazy attempt of using a version of Robin/Nightwing in a Batsuit as opposed to rebooting Batman in order to have the true Batman on the big screen.

Using John Blake also destroys the Batman/Superman dynamic and Batman's place on the team in the first place. The thing that makes Batman interesting on the team is how messed up he is in comparison to the rest of the team. We also see the main factor that separates Batman from all other superheroes: his obsession and ambition to get the job done. It is on a level that no other superhero can reach, including Superman. There is no way Blake can show that level of obsession, paranoia, and insanity unless you alter the character he was established as, creating a plot hole.

I don't think you realize how much this would change the Justice League. It would literally change everything about the team and the team's overall dynamic as a whole.

Drop both the hyperbole and the superior attitude, please.
No hyperbole, my friend. I promise you that every word of that was my honest opinion.

And what superior attitude?

Also, saying that the only 'right' way to do a JLA movie is to have Bruce Wayne in the Batsuit is the very definition of 'being stuck in the mindset that there's only one way to tell a given story'.
Never said it is the right way to do a JLA movie. I said it is the only right way to do the very first JL movie to ever get made. I also said that regardless of how good or bad the idea is, that is irrelevant. We've long awaited to see Bruce Wayne meet Clark Kent on the big screen. No matter what you do with Blake, it will still be a dissapointment to most people.

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