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Default Re: Batman physique thread.

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Well, to be fair, Gym Jones does focus on functional training. Cavill's program probably made him feel really fit and athletic. And while still in good shape, October 2013 Cavill is nowhere near the same physical specimen he was during filming of MOS two years ago.
I actually think that Cavill might have had more energy during the rugby club visit than while filming his scenes for MOS. Cavill said that while bulking he was at 5000 calories and while he didn't look great, he felt very strong. But while filming the shirtless scenes, he was down to 1500 calories to show all his muscle definition, he was looking awesome but feeling energy deprived. And he was bulking during that rugby club visit.

Even Hugh Jackman said that during the Shingen fight scene in The Wolverine where he looks shredded like all hell, he was feeling almost faint because he had very little energy.

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