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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 11

Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
I think its absurd to think that just because RDJ is a huge star, Affleck will invariably become one.

And if Affleck's casting generated a lot of buzz online, I would say most of it (save SHH) was excessively negative, on an unprecedented scale.

The point is, at this point, he is not comparable to RDJ in terms of box office clout.
No one said he would invariably become a huge star. The statement was, in reference to the RDJ/Affleck comparison, "just saying he's the big name that was brought in to create a buzz", like Marvel brought in a big name like RDJ in 2008. Buzz, good or bad, he has generated. And by quantifiable box office results, Affleck is a bigger name now than RDJ was when Marvel brought him in. That's it.

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