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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
my thoughts, are that, if this is the case, and Sif stays on earth, that we may be done with ms Portman
maybe... could be... or could be completely wrong on that. LOL Either way, I had a feeling you'd like the idea.

Okay, here I go with my wild and crazy speculation again. That new official image, with Thor on a balcony, like the stone pillars at Bourne Woods, I think mean we are going to see Nornheim, Nornkeep and Karnilla.

my longer spoilery speculation below

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Okay so first note, this is definitely not Odin's golden palace, and that the color of the stone in the new picture appears to be the same as the pillars at Bourne, and also appears to be the same color as the walls at Nornkeep. It appears to beaten up to possibly be Valhalla, and Nornkeep if I recall correctly, is often depicted a bit beaten up.

I believe after looking closely that the image represented below Thor there is likely Nidhogg twisted around in the roots of Yggdrasil (the dragon/serpent that naws on the roots of Yggdrassil, a carved image was also shown of Nidhogg in Cap America 1)

As some of you know, I have been thinking the Bourne Woods stuff might be set on the outskirts of Nornheim, based on some of the symbols on the pillars being reminiscent of Karnilla's various headdresses, and also a symbol that may be a nod at the 3 Norns, and now this new picture makes me think it's possible we'll see the stone palace of Nornkeep (and possibly Karnilla! ) I've actually been wondering lately if the Alice Krige role might wind up being an older Karnilla and maybe make her a mentor in magic to Loki. (this is all speculation, of course! nothing definite) It doesn't look like Balder will be brought in at all, but seems like they should bring in Nornheim at some capacity, especially considering the variety of races of warriors at the Bourne Woods scenes. Nornkeep and Nornheim is occupied by a variety of humans/Asgardians, demons, and trolls, among other things I'm sure. Also note according to writers of Thor 1, Nornheim, Karnilla and Balder did very nearly make it into Thor 1 (also note the Thor-Loki deleted scene in Thor 1 where Nornheim is mentioned). Also, per Lawden's spoilers/comments, Nornkeep would certainly count as the "dark side of Asgard" and "far side of Asgard" and if Loki has a friendship with Karnilla or if she was his mentor in magic as I am speculating is possible (she was a mentor to Amora), then that might explain why Thor needs him to go there and maybe talk her into helping fight the Dark Elves. It would also make sense with the part he says about they train and assemble an army there, if Karnilla's forces must then meld and work with the remaining Asgardian army.

New Thor 2 official picture


also in below picture, note the serpent/dragon symbol on her bed, now look at the symbol I pointed out on the Thor 2 picture. Also note, the symbol above the doorway, very similar to some of her many headdresses (and look at her hair there). then look at the picture after this one with Balder, of one of the stone pillars at Bourne Woods. Again this is all speculation, no guarantee Nornheim or Karnilla will appear, but I do believe the sets here are pointing at Nornheim, Nornkeep, and Karnilla.

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