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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
what do you think the chances are they WILL have Surtur summoned to Earth and fighing in London at least at the end of this film? I mean, the clapper board scene numbers we found would indicate there is certainly time for another BIG final fight *after* Thor fights Malekith by the columns there, and Malekith certainly seems to be summoning something. It could be Kurse, but it sounds like Kurse gets several big battles with different characters, and I'm assuming that goes on over the course of the rest of the movie, so it seems like Thor fighting him AGAIN on Earth would be a bit repetitive, and sort of anticlimactic, in a way. I could be wrong, but what if it IS Surtur that Malekith summons to London and that's the final battle, possibly even making it up to Asgard. I think there may be time for it based on the scene numbers we found.
I agree with you that there appears to be enough time for another big fight (and let me take a minute to applaud the fact that there looks to be *SOOOOO* many big fights in this film! ). And most all of us have long felt that this arc leads to Surtur sooner or later, Thor2 or Thor3.

As you know, I have long felt Surtur will be in Thor3, not least because Surtur's attack in Simonson leaves Asgard without Odin, and without a Balder to step in, such a development would complicate Thor's participation in Avengers 2. There's also the matter of the attack on Earth in the Simonson arc. It's not clear that the material they've shot supports a fire demon attack on London, say, though I could be wrong on that. So while it feels like there's enough time for one more fight, it doesn't seem like it's the right amount of time for *that* fight, at least as staged in Simonson. (Of course, they are quite at liberty to diverge from Simonson.)

As for whether Surtur would orchestrate the various realms conspiring to move against Asgard, I'm not sure. When he finally attacks Asgard, Surtur kind of comes off as kind of a dullard, actually (and Loki mocks him for it). So maybe he's just one of the forces in the universe taking advantage of the power vacuum left by the destruction of the Bifrost.

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