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Default Re: Shailene Woodley IS Mary Jane Watson! - Part 2

Originally Posted by fuflipflops View Post
i swear, it's like people never read what mj says in comics, never pay attention to her story or development and just look at her boobs or w/e.

peter married her, they still would've been together if it weren't for omd, do you really think a marriage can survive only on the woman being hot?
he sure didnt married her for her brain, and attract him on first...but i dont saying she was stupid, or anything. She didnt had intellect like Peter had, as she was pretty normal girl and wise as women's are usually. But what it count's she loved Peter, and she supported him as Spiderman. Otherwise, she was perfect for him.

Dont ever forget that Peter was highly intellectual, and above average humans. Only Gwen was showed that kind of intellect.

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