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Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
Why should anyone believe you when you say Shika dosen't get Batman's essence when you don't really have much respect for the medium Batman comes from?

I'd trust his thoughts on the subject more than I would yours.
Stop putting words into my mouth. I never said **** the comics or I don't respect it. I love the comics of Batman when it's in the hands of specific writers who are telling stories I like to read. Im saying there's a point when a director or studio turns around a changes things from the source material because it's a different medium with a different target audience. In those moments, the comics become irrelevant. Of course theyre relevant, that's where Batman comes from, and certain comic stories are used for inspiration. But when it comes to film it's not the be all/end all of what needs to be done to tell a good story. It's about different interpretations.

I can care less if somebody believes me, but Shikamaru constantly acts like his 21 year old self knows everything there is to know about the "essence" of Batman to the point where he claims this and that are ESSENCE. That's not the definition of essence. All it means is what makes him who is through how he came to be. Everything else is subjective.

He acts as if THIS IS THE ESSENCE AND IF IT'S NOT MET, IT'S WRONG. So if people like Jett from Batman On Film (keep your opinions of the guy to yourselves, im NOT talking about him personally) or the legendary Michael Uslan....if theyre loving the ending to Rises and crying and they feel it's a great ending and the "essence" then theyre wrong?? Really? People who have been hardcore fans for 45 to 60 years of Batman's existence.

I mean, even though it's a different medium and it can go in different directions from the source material...what Nolan is doing is just as valid of an interpretation as any comic book. It's not an elseworld story, it's an adaptation. And adaptations can change all they want. Why is it valid? Or more valid than Batman & Robin? Because the essence and spirit of the character is intact. Dark, tragic, beast of a character who fears bat, loses his parents in front of him, and takes the crusade into scaring criminals. This is the true essence and Nolan could take the story into whatever direction he pleases.

I dislike things about Batman Returns and Batman Forever, but I love things about them as well. I nitpick. We all do. But the essence is still in place. I respect Burton for changing things up and taking his story someplace else. He still captured the essence.

"Lets make one thing very clear here - Nolan's films are as faithful an adaptation as there is. It pays homage to its source material, remains true to its characters and above all else places the story first and foremost." - jmc

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