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Originally Posted by ThePhantasm View Post
Not exactly:

I'm fine with "wrapping up Batman's story." The question is whether it gets wrapped up in a way consistent with the character or not. For example, in Batman Beyond its alright because Bruce is no longer physically able to be Batman, despite wanting to be Batman. It isn't a collapse of his character, just of his physical ability. It is still consistent with how he is portrayed in the Batman mythos.

Batman always fights with the hope that one day things might get better, but they never do, so his fight is a lifelong crusade. BB and TDK reference that hope without ever suggesting that the hope is realistic - only in TDKR does it actually happen in a badly executed fashion.


So you contradicted yourself in multiple posts. In your other post you talked about how Batman goes on forever in the comics and then at the end you said you had a problem with Nolan going against this in TDKR.

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