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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
It's not addressed. You still don't know what the essence means. None of that means anything. Because it's all up to interpretation past the phase of his tone and what makes him become the Batman. It doesn't matter what era it is. The 60s tv show is enjoyable, it was groundbreaking, it was in line with the comics of the time, but its not the essence of Batman as he was created. Neither is Batman and Robin. Is Batman a dark character who scares criminals in the night there? No.

The essence of the character seems like a very subjective thing. The character has been very flexible through the years. That's part of why it has endured so long. If it wasn't flexible, it would have died off a long time ago. As much as you might dislike Batman & Robin, we have a pretty big Batman fan on these forums who loves that film (Kane). I doubt he would say it betrays the essence of the character. There is room for different interpretations.

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