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Default Re: 'Days Of Future Past' BOX-OFFICE worldwide prediction

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
Okay, we need to officially shut down this whole Cap vs. Wolverine thing, as if the fact that Wolverine outgrossed Cap is a testament of its staying power. It actually reveals the exact opposite. Behold:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine= $373,062,864
Captain America= 368,608,363

Okay. Am I the only one who sees how f***ing close these numbers are? That's damn disturbing. By the time XOW came out, Wolverine had been the lead for three X-Men films...plenty of set-up. Next to Spider-Man, he is hands-down Marvel's most popular male character and always has been (he's in every goddamn comic book, even non-X-Men titles, plus his own multiple titles). His film featured appearances from kid Cyclops, Emma Frost, Baby Storm, Gambit, Deadpool, every frigging mutant cameo of all time.

Now, let's look at Captain America by comparison: significantly lesser known and yet his first film (one that came without any set up, no trilogy, etc.) came within spitting distance of Wolverine's first "solo" film. That's on "What the hell" levels, people.
Not really. It's pretty simple. X-Men Origins is a terrible movie. Captain America isn't. One is the final piece of Marvel's The Avenger's puzzle. The other is the first spin-off film, missing 90% of actors and characters with which audiences are familiar. One movie has the benefit of 3D. The other doesn't. In fact, 40% of Captain America's $65.7 million opening weekend gross comes from 3D ticket sales. Who knows about the rest? So to pretend that all variables are equal and that X-Men Origin's poor performance is due to audiences simply being burned out on the actor they helped turn into an international superstar just two films earlier is a pretty bold statement.

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