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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

I find it interesting that everyone seems to think that Caps would take Bats so easily as he's x2 speed, strength, etc.
If we're talking straight hand to hand, then yeh, Caps probably takes it.
But seriously, since when has Bats been the type to stand there and go toe to toe with suped up enemies? He has a huge array of tricks up his sleeve for dealing with guys that are above the normal strength of humans.
And what you CAN guarantee is that Caps hasn't seen hardly any of the tricks that Bats would throw his way.

A round shield and a stiff punch isn't going to make Bats shake at all. lol..

As for the whole match up: JLA all the way. I read the Avengers for years, but against the JLA (hell, even Supes, Flash & Bats alone) Cap and crew would get all smacked to doody. And if Supes is pissed for some reason (Thor macked on Lois), and is moving at full speed with eyes blazing, forget about it.

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