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Default Re: Justice League Vs Avengers

Originally Posted by The Question
Yeah. But Cap isn't retarded, either. He's got just as muich experiance as Batman, and is probably just as smart, if not moreso.
Didn't say he was, not sure how the statement is applicable. Batman has hundreds of actual weapons and distractions to choose from.

Originally Posted by The Question
Okay. If it were Superman, Batman, and The Flash by themselves, Batman would be taken wout pretty quick. Superman wouldn't make much a difference, because he'd simply be overpowered by the rest. The only advantage that group would have is The Flash, because his speed dwarfs that of everyone in The Avengers. That's it.
Superman is almost as fast as the Flash and WAY faster than Quicksilver or anyone else in the Avengers, FF4 or X-Men.
Overpower Supes, lol, that's a good one. You'd think they'd have done that with the Hulk years ago... but no, the Avengers hired out Spiderman to take on the Hulk when it came down to it.

Originally Posted by The Question
If you had the FF and X-Men helping, the League would get destroyed. Adding tmem isn't necesairy to make it a decent fight.
Naw, don't buy it. If phoenix is there then they have a shot. Without, it's just more cannon fodder. FF4... seriously, they have trouble handling water tube traps that Dr. Doom throws at them.

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