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Default Re: "The Spectacular Spider-Man" Appreciation Thread (possible spoilers)

Originally Posted by Mistah K88 View Post
Indeed...Or atleast have Greg tell us what his ideas were for season we had some sort of closure.

One thing this show di REALLY great was introduce the villains WAY before they actually get in costume. It sort of establishes a world that is just beginning. Super powered people are just now starting to emerge, where every other Spidey toon I've seen, Spidey is showing up late in the game and a few of his supervillains have been around long before he showed up.

Also, when you really look at someone like Eddie, his story rivals a villain from BTAS. While he's generally a good guy, who does have morals, he does have some problems that started to slip out as the season went on. His parents died when he was young, he was bounced around from foster home to foster home as a child, and not being wanted obviously has affected him to the point where he's become very petty and relies on a parasite to "love" him. So much to the point that he forces himself to hate Peter/Spider-Man just to keep the symbiote which is just using him to feed off of his negative emotions. From his last appearance, it seems that he doesn't even know why he hates Peter anymore...he forces himself to. I remember wondering why he didn't just put two and two together of Peter's little mishaps when the symbiote first showed him the truth behind Spider-Man. However by Identity Crisis, I'm sure he understood why Peter seemed to be screwing people over...he just doesn't care anymore. He truly is a broken man...although he's only 19, you can't help but feel sorry for him.
The series had my all time favorite version of Eddie Brock. With what you just described,he was really given purpose and fleshed out quite a bit in the series. I also loved the idea of having him as one of Peter's best friends instead of just being a rival photographer. It really made things personal for Eddie once he did gain the symbiote.

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