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Default Re: What would you have done differently?

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
No Grievous, Dooku as the main part of RotS to flesh him out more. Anakin defeating him after the events of AotC would have more gravity.
Leia getting born first.
Anakin actually killing Padme or Padme dying at childbirth because of Anakin messing with her before the Duel.
Should have been later in the film. Also Revenge of the Sith should have taken place more than 3 years later imo. It would have been cool to see a more calculating, mature Anakin giving orders on a Star Destroyer.

Also I think Lucas should have put more value to Anakin being a master, maybe once he was a master he wouldn't have to hide Padme anymore. And I think Anakin should have had the big showdown with Mace Windu. There was tension built between the characters the entire trilogy. Anakin runs in to see Mace about to kill Palpatine and kicks his butt. Saving Palpatine's battle for his fight with Yoda at the end.

I would have made Obi-Wan a young jedi knight in TPM (maybe in his first real mission as a knight with his rebelious master Qui-Gon). Have Obi-Wan discover Anakin, and have him fight the Council to train Anakin.
Thats a really good idea! I think the movie could have been significantly improved if Obi-Wan was the one that went out to find the parts and Qui-Gon stayed on the ship with the Queen. I mean it makes more sense to have the older more experienced one holding down the fort and the ward to run the tedious errands. Obi-Wan finds Anakin and wants to train him but the council believes he's not ready and wishes to leave his training in the hands of Qui-Gon. Then when he dies, they finally make Obi-Wan a knight and Anakin his apprentice, setting up for his poor training.

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