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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

Originally Posted by Electrix View Post
I saw The Hobbit in 2D 24fps and IMAX 3D 48fps. I can see why some wouldn't like the HFR, but during some scenes it was superior.

The Hobbit might not have been the best film for people to get their first look at HFR because of the dwarf make-up. It's a lot more detailed and clear, which can take some getting used to, however using it on a film like Avatar 2 would provide amazing results. Interested to see what Singer goes for.
I thought the dwarves' make-up looked fine, even in 48fps. I was scrutinising it, looking for the joins, but (to me) it was seamless. I just didn't like the general look of the format when there were real sets, like Bilbo's house.

Talking of dwarves and make-up, I also thought James Nesbitt needed more of it! He looked just like James Nesbitt - but with a funny hat on. He even kept his Irish accent. It didn't feel like he was acting or transformed into a dwarf at all. (I didn't think Martin Freeman was doing much acting either, to be honest; he's the same in everything he's in).

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