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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 1

That's a giant load of crap. So I suppose Robert Downey Jr isn't acting in the Iron Man movies because that character is close to himself, or Patrick Stewart isn't acting in X-Men because he sounds exactly the same as Jean Luc Picard?

Seriously, Martin Freeman aside, your over simplification of acting is just offensive to anyone with even the smallest amount of respect for the arts. It's a whole lot more than just walking and talking and it's a lot more complicated and deeper than putting on a different voice or making yourself look different.

Martin Freeman has a reputation for being a great naturalist actor, capable of portraying the likeable and endearing everyman. He did that superbly in The Office and pretty much since then, has been sought after or cast on his basis to do just that. That's the whole reason he got cast in The Hobbit in the first place, that's what Peter Jackson and co. wanted for Bilbo. Which is perfect because that's basically what Bilbo is anyway, a likeable and unassuming everyman.

Whereas a character like Gollum requires someone more like Andy Serkis, someone capable of great physical and transformative acting.

Now whether you like Martin Freeman's style of acting or whatever is fine, but to simply say he ISN'T acting or that you don't see much 'acting' is stupid. That's the whole POINT of a naturalistic or realism style of acting, it's not MEANT to feel or look like acting. In fact they teach you in that school of acting that you need to find a way to bring yourself to the character anyway, that's one of the main philosophies behind making your character believable. You can see that in just about any drama out there, film, tv or theatre.

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