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Default Re: What you didn't like about Ant-Man - Flaws/Critiques

Originally Posted by GENERAL RAAM582 View Post
Another Marvel movie where a perfectly well-done dramatic scene is ruined by a unless joke: Scott's "Well isn't this awesome? Everyone is bonding" line after Hope learns the truth about her mother's fate. Even the characters themselves make note on the bad timing. I really hate when they kill the vibe like that. Marvel tends to do it a lot.
That did sort of get laughs at my screening though. It was clearly an intentional thing, even though I sort of agree with what you said because the scene itself between Hank and Hope was really quite affecting, and did its job, and then Scott does that line which interrupts it, so yeah, it felt weird, but at the same time conjured the response they were going for all the same...

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